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What Makes a Good Burger

This is what makes a good burger.

Here’s a Criteria list from , a similar site in Melbourne, AU

I’ll make some changes to meet my own, but they’ve done a pretty good job here.

Burgerquest criteria

Ratio of burger to bun

Big buns are all very well, but they need to be counter-pointed by an adequate supply of meat.
Each bite of burger should have plenty of both meat and bun.
Quality of meat pattie

Flavoursome beef patties with subtle herb undertones grilled to crunchy-edged perfection are the order of the day.
Packet-patties should stay in their packets and sausage meat isn’t really meat.
Smoky bacon goodness

Bacon should provide that smoky smoky goodness and should be well done but not crispy.
Excessive fattiness or stringiness is unwelcome.
Fresh bread, not sugar

Buns should be fresh and lightly toasted. They should have some substance to them too.
Lightweight sugary numbers you can get from the supermarket should be treated with great contempt.
Caramelised onions

Onions should be grilled to the point of sweetness – not too soggy, not too charred.
Raw onion is for Europeans, although raw Spanish onion sometimes has its place.
Texture of burger flavours

Burger texture can be difficult to define. A soggy bun with limp lettuce, wet tomato and chewy meat scores poorly.
But a firm-bunned burger with crunchy lettuce, melted cheese and fleshy tomato will score highly.
Structural integrity

Over-packed burgers make messy eating.
A bit of spillage is fine, but explosive burgers are only going to end in tears.
Juicy red tomato

Tomato must not be translucent or green.
High points are scored for rich, red, thick slices of juicy tomato.
Sauce isn’t always processed and smooth

Heinz tomato sauce is a classic, but it won’t score top points.
A thick tangy relish, if properly applied, can make all the difference.
Eggs, not rubber

A burger with the lot must have egg. It shouldn’t be overdone to the point of rubberyness though, nor should it
be so yolky you end up splattering your neighbour.
Throw me a frickin’ bonus

This criterion is for those little extras. Whether it’s beetroot, aioli or choice-of-bun, if there’s something a little
special about the burger, this where we get to show some love.